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Ben Craven

Cinematic rock singer-songwriter


Celestial post-music riffing, jamming & crafting


The Australian Progressive Rock Show

The Manhattan Mob

The classic funk & R&B band that history erased


We represent the works of Ben Craven, and also compose upon request.

“Marvel News”

Theme from corporate podcast “Rethink Everything

“TuneLeak TV”

Theme from web series “TuneLeak TV”

“Minisode Monday”

ID from corporate podcast “Rubbed The Wrong Way

“Purple Shuffle”

Theme from radio show “Ausmosis” on 88.3 Southern FM (by Frankenfido)

“Forbidden Show Of Mystery”

Theme from web series “Forbidden Show Of Mystery”

“Lost & Found”

RSPCA Gratitude Program advertisement


We offer the following services, in high resolution audio up to 24-bit 96kHz.


Ben Craven can provide guitar and vocals upon request.

Guitar on Mars Looks Good This Time Of Year for The Franky Valentyn Project
Guitar on Corpus Christi for Joost Maglev
Vocal on Never Ending Battle for The Franky Valentyn Project


Music production and engineering mixed for stereo and 5.1 surround.

Production, engineering, mixing, mastering:
Did I Even by Bronnie-Rae
Production, engineering, mixing, mastering:
Last Chance To Hear by Ben Craven
Production, engineering, mixing, mastering, 5.1 surround mix:
Heartless by Frankenfido


Mastering: Life As We Know It (Album) by The Franky Valentyn Project


Bennetts Craven
TuneLeak TV


Ben Craven is an award-winning composer from Brisbane, Australia.
He has released three critically-acclaimed solo albums on which he performed all instruments, produced, engineered and mastered. He has performed on tracks for other artists and worked with Roger Dean, Billy Sherwood and William Shatner.
Ben aspires to create a musical community where artists can receive recognition and payment for their work.